Do you know about super automatic espresso makers?

I always thought espresso machine is just that. If you love the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning, you should consider going through some of the best home espresso maker reviews. You would be surprised like me about how many functions these machines are able to take over. I always used the attachment with my grinder for grinding the coffee beans, if and when I felt inclined to prepare authentic coffee. Our family is extremely fond of Indian cuisine because we stayed in India for almost a decade. Dry ground spices are used extensively in that cuisine. Unfortunately, the aroma of coffee can be ruined if the same grinder is used for grinding these “masalas” as they are called. Using too many grinders on kitchen’s counter top only adds to cleaning job. I already have a coffee percolator there.

that cup of joe

We did not actually want an espresso machine. I mean I thought it was too expensive and in any event, there was too much work involved. I had started using the ready made coffee powders from the market. My husband showed me this Saeco Xsmall Super automatic espresso maker. The product had received more positive reviews than negative ones. At less than $400 this seemed like a steal to both of us, especially because the appliance can grind the beans and automatically fill the water reservoir. Even the dump box containing the remaining coffee is emptied automatically. I was a game for the unit, even though it is not slim and slender. But neither am I. The only concern I had was the number of espresso cups we can get from it at any point of time. But the speed at which this appliance is able to do the job is simply amazing. I can easily make more espressos if needed. Having said that, I think this is ideal product for smaller families. Our children are no longer living with us, so this appliance is good enough for us.

Now, I can taste thick latte espressos with flavor from freshly ground coffee beans everyday. The machine tells me when I need to add beans. It is only one month since I purchased this machine so my excitement about it may seem a bit premature. But this easy-to-clean appliance is letting me return to my first love; cooking! I am now able to use my grinder for grinding those traditional spices. Last Sunday, I prepared chicken with Indian condiments. I would be lying if I said it came out very well. But it was not bad either because it’s been a real long time since I cooked something so complex.

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