Cat Litter Box Training!

Athena my cat which I got from adoption has been with me for almost 3 years. She is all that I asked for a cat. She is gray with yellow eyes and she has those cute little paws. Call me a crazy-cat lady but she shares my bed when we go to sleep. Unlike other cats, she really loves bathing. I bathe her on the sink with lukewarm water filled with bubbles. I love to see her very relaxed and satisfied face when I clean her.
The only thing that I find annoying with her is that she can’t seem to perfect the usage of her cat litter box. She always poop on the surrounding area where the litter box is but not on the litter box itself. I’ve gone frustrated with this thing but she won’t cooperate. I tried everything but every attempt to make her use the litter box is just a failed attempt so I just given up and resigned myself to cleaning each and every time she poops. I just told myself that at least, she makes it almost to the litter box. Then one time I have thought searching the internet for ways on how to potty-train Athena. Then I found out reasons why she’s not using the litter box. One of the reasons might be the box is too small for her. I hurriedly looked at Athena’s box and it is indeed too small for her. Another reason is a poor choice of litter form! I didn’t even thought of that.

It is said that some pebbles and crystals are uncomfortable to walk on that’s why cats don’t use their litter boxes. Or it doesn’t completely absorb the smell of the poop or the urine. Poor Athena. I thought all the time that it is solely her fault. The next day, I changed everything that is needed to be changed. I also installed several other litter boxes around the house for Athena’s convenience and comfort. I made sure they are all clean and they smelled attractive for Athena. Lo and behold! After a few changes, my cat finally used a litter box! To my so much delight, I gave her a big hug and an extra special bath.

My Best Toaster Experience

4 slice toaster

I recently purchased the DeLonghi Icona toaster; at first I was unsure if I needed all four slice spaces, but the sleek design and different options caught my interest. I ended up buying it after quickly checking out all of the different features and I was impressed because it was very affordable. I have really enjoyed this purchase so far; I’ve begun to eat toast each morning for breakfast and sometimes I even toast a crumpet as a snack! I really believe this is the best toaster I have ever owned. It is so easy to operate, especially because it can even toast bread when it has been frozen. For me, this is the best rated toaster; I would give this toaster a five star rating. The bright red colour also adds a bit of vibrance to my kitchen, which is full of other dull silver appliances. People always comment on the 4 slice toaster when they come over, saying it looks nice and shiny. Some people even ask me where I bought it so they can go and get their own! Before I bought this DeLonghi Icona toaster I had never eaten a bagel, but there was an option on the toaster for this product so I went out and bought some from the supermarket.

I can now say I love bagels (perhaps for my waistline’s sake I shouldn’t have started eating them!) and love the way my DeLonghi toasts them. I prefer to have them on a lighter setting whereas my partner prefers to have his a littler darker. That’s why this toaster is so great because even though it is a 4 slice toaster, you can have each pair of slices on a different colour setting. This toaster suits my whole family and I am extremely glad I made my purchase!

Even the best rated rice cookers get negative reviews at times


My fear of electrical and electronic goods is legendary, at least in our family. When others are going gaga over some product, I feel I am the only one who sounds skeptical and has negative comments to pass. I guess that is the way I must sound, though I think I am being pragmatic. Take for instance the review of the best rice cookers on the market. My daughter was taking down notes on various features, and comparing prices. Unlike automobiles, they do not have a site comparing the prices and quality of such products, though reviews are there from users, and ratings are also from users.

My contention is, if a rice cooker is indeed the best, then why does it get negative reviews at all. I agree some people are inclined to less generous with ratings, but negative reviews condemning the product is a bit too hard for me to digest. My exclusions from such lists are based on the negative reviews these rice cookers receive. My daughter and my sister-in-law are still young. They are quick to refute saying that the person did not read the instructions properly. That does not put my mind at ease. I feel products such as rice cookers do go through quality control checks. Even if it is the question of negative review, it may be because of lapse in that quality control system. My daughter even suggested that there may be problems with electrical wiring in the home of the user. That seems somewhat a plausible explanation. Having said that, I still prefer a product that receives no negative review at all. My family, which includes my husband, on the other hand goes through every review of the best rice cookers on the market meticulously doing the analysis of which product they want to order, eventually.

jap_white_rice_000So what would be the best rice cooker according to me? I would look for a rice cooker that consumes less power, and is of the right size for my family as well as guests that arrive. I would also look for a rice cooker that gives me keep warm feature like my old rice cooker. It has been rather faithful on that feature. I would want to be able to see the rice cooking from top so yes, I want a lid that lets me see that. Steaming some foods, especially vegetables would be added advantage. My sister in law cooks oats in her rice cooker, and she also thaws meat. I wouldn’t mind those features as well. These features and no negative reviews would be just perfect description for what I consider to be the best rice cooker for me.

A celebratory dinner for me and my boyfriend

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I was so excited and I wanted to surprise him with his favorite dish. So I left work early so that I could pick up the groceries and head straight home and start preparing dinner. When I started preparing the dinner, I noticed that there was only one knife in the whole kitchen. I also noticed that some of the foodstuffs in the pantry were way beyond their sell-by date. And then it hit me that my boyfriend didn’t usually cook in the house.

Knowing that a good cook needs a set of knives, I decided to check out good kitchen knives reviews so that I can buy knives to work with in the kitchen. There’s a local store in my neighborhood that sells just about everything, and that is where is popped in to buy some of the knives that had rave reviews from other customers. The information that I gathered was that there were four knives that should be in every kitchen, and I decided to buy all four of them.


The first knife that every kitchen should have is a chef knife. When I was shopping for a chef knife, I found out that they are normally 8 to 10 inches in length, which was slightly longer than what I am comfortable with. However, a long edge makes this knife more efficient and versatile. I like the bigger blade because it makes it safer for me to cut and slice things in the kitchen. The next knife that I bought was a paring knife. This one I use to slice and mince smaller things such as onions, garlic, strawberries or shallots.

The other knife that I bought was a serrated knife, which is useful for slicing bread. It is also a good knife for foods that have waxy surfaces such as citrus, tomatoes, pineapples, peppers and watermelons. The last knife I bought was a boning knife. As the name suggests, this knife is useful when I want to cut up or bone meat, fish or poultry. After buying my set of knives, I hurried back home and made dinner for my boyfriend. When he reached home, he was pleasantly surprised to find me working in the kitchen. I decided to make him a steak dinner to celebrate the fact that we are now living together. Tomorrow it’s his turn to make dinner for the two of us.

Double Tragedy-Why I Decided to Buy A New Perodua Myvi

In my neighbourhood I am christened “Big Mama”. This is not because of my physical size, but my love of Green Bay Packers. I love the NFL so much that it’s my second god. However, last season I had an experience with my former car that I will never forget, forever! And this is how I came to own Perodua Myvi. It was the day my favorite team was playing against worthy competitor-Dallas Cowboys. You know very well what happens at Lambeau Field-the roads and stadium is jam packed with lots of people and cars.


On the very day of the game, I prepared early and set off to the arena. However, my car had other plans for me. Just when I was on the Morris Avenue I started hearing some noise from my “cars’” engine. I dismissed and proceeded, and took the right turn to S Ridge road. It was not long when the noise persisted and guess what? I saw smoke coming from the engine and yes, the car stopped right in the middle of the road! What could I do, every driver was hooting, cursing and saying weird things about me and my car. It was really shameful as I stepped out and tried to push the car by myself, but this wasn’t possible. It’s only a good samaritan stepped in and we pushed my junk car on the side of the road.

When I tried calling my mechanic he was unreachable. Time was running out and was getting jittery about everything. Sooner than later ,the police arrived and tried to “help” by telling me that I have become a nuisance and my car is not roadworthy. There is this thing about living green and climatic change. You can never know how serious it can get until you find yourself on the other side of the law. I tried to plead, but as usual my pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead of going to Lambeau Field, I was headed to the police station.

It’s at the station where I heard all about little things, or should I say big things; wear and tear, excessive overheating, wrong insurance cover, lubrication problems, and so much do with my car. All said and done, I had missed the game and wasn’t not allowed to drive the car anymore. A few months passed and I started searching for a new car and opted for the perodua myvi.

The perodua myvi is affordable, stylish, and energy efficient compared to others that fall in the same range. It’s fast with no complex features, and comes with the option of choosing one of the several models. It has passed all the international safety standards, not to mention the reliable electric windows. I sometime Imagine that with my new perodua myvi I could have never missed the game-was this a blessing in disguise?

Do you know about super automatic espresso makers?

I always thought espresso machine is just that. If you love the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning, you should consider going through some of the best home espresso maker reviews. You would be surprised like me about how many functions these machines are able to take over. I always used the attachment with my grinder for grinding the coffee beans, if and when I felt inclined to prepare authentic coffee. Our family is extremely fond of Indian cuisine because we stayed in India for almost a decade. Dry ground spices are used extensively in that cuisine. Unfortunately, the aroma of coffee can be ruined if the same grinder is used for grinding these “masalas” as they are called. Using too many grinders on kitchen’s counter top only adds to cleaning job. I already have a coffee percolator there.

that cup of joe

We did not actually want an espresso machine. I mean I thought it was too expensive and in any event, there was too much work involved. I had started using the ready made coffee powders from the market. My husband showed me this Saeco Xsmall Super automatic espresso maker. The product had received more positive reviews than negative ones. At less than $400 this seemed like a steal to both of us, especially because the appliance can grind the beans and automatically fill the water reservoir. Even the dump box containing the remaining coffee is emptied automatically. I was a game for the unit, even though it is not slim and slender. But neither am I. The only concern I had was the number of espresso cups we can get from it at any point of time. But the speed at which this appliance is able to do the job is simply amazing. I can easily make more espressos if needed. Having said that, I think this is ideal product for smaller families. Our children are no longer living with us, so this appliance is good enough for us.

Now, I can taste thick latte espressos with flavor from freshly ground coffee beans everyday. The machine tells me when I need to add beans. It is only one month since I purchased this machine so my excitement about it may seem a bit premature. But this easy-to-clean appliance is letting me return to my first love; cooking! I am now able to use my grinder for grinding those traditional spices. Last Sunday, I prepared chicken with Indian condiments. I would be lying if I said it came out very well. But it was not bad either because it’s been a real long time since I cooked something so complex.

Looking For The Best Offices? Here Are My Handy Tips To Help You Find One

Having been in the industry for years, from just a look, I can easily tell a good serviced office from a bad one. My friends in the business world have come to learn of this and they constantly come to me for some advice and tips on how to find the best serviced offices in town. If you are on the same boat and seriously searching for some of the serviced offices, here are my handy tips and hints that will help you find what you have always wished for.


What is that you really want?

On many occasions, I have over and over advised people to have an idea of what they want before they head out in search of the best serviced offices in and around town. I have seen several service providers deliver a basic message-taking services while others offering the entire virtual office experience: What level of service do your actually require? Once you have an idea of what want, do your math. Although I always find the complicated pricing structure a little bit confusing, you need to work out a sample month and check for those hidden cost.


When it comes to serviced offices, flexibility is the king, and it is one thing I always insist on. With the way things can get in the business world, it is practically difficult to accurately predict profit margins, and if you make a mistake of committing to a lease agreement, that may plunge you into some serious financial issues. Go through every word in the contract and get to know how much notice you will need to give should you feel like terminating the contract. (Read this post)

Ask for a free trail

It won’t cost you anything to try. I personally, before I put my sign on any kind of agreement with the manager, I always ask for a free trial, and if they are confident and sure of the quality of their services they have in place, I do not really see the reasons as why they should not let me try before I choose if to move into or not.

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Air Mattress for Good Quality Sleep

Air mattresses are revered for providing the best quality of sleep. The market is full of different types of air mattresses brands. That is why you will find it difficult to select a good air mattress. Here are some of the top rated air mattresses.

Coleman Quickbed is made to provide quality and comfortable sleep. It features a comfortable coil system that is specially designed to provide great support. It also comes with a Double Lock Valve that is perfect for holding the mattress in place and preventing it from sliding. It comes with a Roll storage system that makes it easy to transport and carry and this mattress. You can read best camping air mattress reviews 2015 to learn about different types of Coleman air mattresses.


Intex Classic Downy comes with a wave beam construction that is tailored at offering a uniform sleeping surface. The inflatable mattress features a hand-pump and two inflatable pillows. Its cozy flocked top is quiet easy to clean and it is also waterproof thus making the mattress the best option for outdoor camping.

SoundAsleep Dream Series features a ComfortCoil technology for added support and durability. When spread on your bed, it will make it firm and flat so you will remain sound asleep throughout the night. It comes with a highly powered AC pump for easy deflation and inflation. It can reach its maximum deflation and inflation point within less than 4 minutes. It can also be topped off easily and quickly. Its dual construction chamber is specially designed to prevent air from coming out and also prevent the bedding from sliding off during the night. It is extra thick, durable and waterproof.

Insta-Bed Queen Raised is one of the most luxurious air mattresses. Its AC pump can quickly inflate and deflate the edges of this mattress within less than 3 minutes. It features a dual chamber construction that is designed for purposes of limiting air movement inside this mattress. That is why it always remains comfortable and firm throughout the night.

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